User Experience Designer

    Currently living in Paris and studying Human Computer Interaction and Design.



    User Experience and Wireframes, 2018

    Mobile app wireframes for customers to track their credit status, upcoming payments, past activity and profile settings.


    Methodology: Customer journey map, Sketches, Analysing customer feedback, Wireframes

    Design Bootcamp, 2018

    A video prototype of a maps application which allows runners to plan routes with free hand drawing, marking menus and provides haptic feedback while running.

    Methodology: Critical object interviews, Personas, Instrumental Interaction, Generative walkthrough

    Collaborative Interaction, 2019

    Part Planner helps people involved in a party coordinate tasks, share locations, photos and expenses in one space.


    Methodology: Video Prototype, Interviews, Personas, Generative

    Advanced Interaction Programming, 2018

    A prototype to create art on a tablet canvas while updating the palette on the phone using new interactions like phone tilt.


    Methodology: Brainstorming, Sketches, Programming, Testing

    Creative Design, 2019

    An interactive video experience where the viewer can support or oppose a populist candidate by doing gestures on Leap Motion or pressing y/n on the keyboard.


    Methodology: Literature review, Writing scripts, Programming, Video and Audio Editing

    Information Visualization, 2018

    Visualization of child qualities survey data from around the world based on World Values Survey and Human development index data from Gapminder from 1995-2014.


    Methodology: Analytical trail, Information Visualization, Interaction, User Insights, Data manipulation

    User Experience and Wireframes

    Visualization of reported crimes in Sweden from the official police website to increase awareness about crimes.



    Methodology: Data extraction, User tasks, Analytical trail, Information Visualization, User testing

    Information Visualization, 2018

    Visualization of students taking a course and forming groups of 8-9 of them with diverse skills and backgrounds.


    Methodology: Data Cleaning, Interactive Visualization, Constraints, User Insights


    User Experience Intern

    Anyfin, Stockholm

    Human Computer Interaction and Design

    (Masters degree)

    KTH, Stockholm

    University of Paris-Sud


    Software Developer

    IBM, Singapore


    Computer Engineering

    (Bachelors degree)

    National University of Singapore